Entries from December 2010

Joyful jumpers!

Date December 17, 2010

Thank you to Joy, a dear friend who at 78, likes to knit in the evenings in front of TV. Not for too much longer according to her husband who says arthritis is creeping in. What a beautiful selection of 20 jumpers and 15 beanies for Dadagaun preschoolers and primary children,  all in vibrant washable yarn. Nasmaste [...]

Wilderness in Nepal

Date December 2, 2010

In Adelaide recently I came across a very interesting school called The Wilderness School (www.wilderness.com.au). Interesting not only because of its fascinating history and wonderful educational ethos, but also because of its involvement with Nepal since 1998. Co-ordinated by Science Teacher Dr Sally Nobbs the school has organised several treks in Nepal for students, parents [...]