Awesome October

Date November 11, 2012

Well the month began brilliantly with Steve Webster from Shivapuri Cottage ( helping finalise solar installation at the school. Prior to this, of course, was the completion of the third storey roof financed by Dadagaun Village Project. Solar power was sponsored by an international school in Doha – the volunteers who painted Dadagaun school last [...]

In the Pipeline…

Date August 3, 2012

Quietly ticking away in the background new ventures, great and small, are evolving for Dadagaun Village Project… UMA is a little girl , 10 years old from the orphanage in Dadagaun Village who had middle ear surgery some time ago with diabolical results. It appears her facial nerve was clipped and now she has permanent [...]

Amazing April

Date April 30, 2012

April has seen great things happen for Dadagaun Village school. We have been able to provide funding for a new roof for the school, salaries for 2 teacher’s assistants for 6 months, 8 classroom desks for the teachers and upgraded text books for all the students in all subjects for the academic year April 2012 [...]

Fantastic February…

Date March 7, 2012

                                                         It was a great trip to Dadagaun in February! The school looks brilliant after its new coat of paint (many thanks to AKIS and Shivapuri Cottage), the new multifunction printer is hard at work (see Dhorje setting up in 3 photos below), the sewing machine arrived safely and English/Sewing lessons were productive and a lot of [...]

Here in Nepal

Date February 21, 2012

Just a brief trip to Nepal at the moment to co-ordinate the Doha painting project, do some shopping and curriculum development and try to find an experienced teacher to help out at Dadagaun school. Are you interested?    Send article as PDF   

The Road Ahead

Date January 18, 2012

2012 brings exciting new prospects for Dadagaun Village Project. Based on a demographic survey completed by four American colleagues in October 2011 (travelling with the Trek of Your Life, see link on sidebar), we have new directions for projects at both the school and community level. More on these as they take shape. At the very least [...]

The Aide Myth

Date January 19, 2012

An interesting perspective on orphanages in developing countries reached my desk last week. Apparently, in Cambodia, the number of orphanages has increased significantly over the last few years, since generous, altruistic foreigners have been offering aide and support. What many westerners don’t realise is that people in these countries use the term “Orphanage” differently to the meaning we [...]