Good to be back!

Date November 4, 2013

Kurt and I arrived in Nepal on 16th October and have hit the ground running! We were whisked off on a fairly challenging trek to Basa village in the Solu Khumbu area with Sydney, Audrey and Barry (American volunteers from Trek of Your Life whose generosity continues)… and we have been busy at the school [...]

Short and Sweet

Date August 4, 2013

Jessy’s Global Works Travel group have come and gone in a blink! Most things went according to plan and if they didn’t… well, trust the resourcefulness of volunteers and the accepting attitude of the Nepalese, and all is Joy. Feedback has been highly positive – an unforgettable experience for the American teenage volunteers to see [...]

Team USA…

Date July 10, 2013

For several weeks now plans have been underway for a visit to Dadagaun school by a group of American teenagers travelling with Global Works Travel (Boulder, Colorado). GWT use the inspiring catch phrase “travel with purpose”. See The excitement must be mounting as they are just days away from leaving on the adventure of [...]

London Ladies – wow! factor in Dadagaun

Date June 14, 2013

Belinda and Teresa have recently departed Dadagaun after working for six weeks as volunteer teachers. Teresa provided invaluable help to the English teacher each day while Belinda developed an exciting hands on Environmental Science project based on the neighbouring Shivapuri National Park. Their endeavours gave enormous benefit not only to the wide-eyed students but also [...]

Dadagaun reaches across the world

Date June 14, 2013

Here is how far Dadagaun Village Project has spread nowadays. All these red dots indicate home for groups and individuals who have taken time to visit or support the little school in Dadagaun Village. It’s a wonderful thing!    Send article as PDF   

2013 – Let the Scholarships begin

Date May 20, 2013

The new school year began in April and with it we have been able to launch two new funding initiatives to support students going on to secondary school after graduating from Year Seven in Dadagaun village. The Dadagaun Secondary Scholarship Program. With generous support from Audrey, Barry and Brian who visited the school from Marylands, [...]

Volunteers from UK…a truly international project

Date February 26, 2013

Two excited ladies, Belinda and Teresa from London are packing their bags ready to drop in on Dadagaun for a seven week stay. Recently trained TEFL teachers (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) they are looking forward to practising their skills at the village school after a stopover in Myanmar. They will bring a wealth [...]

See you again Paul and Ged…

Date August 4, 2013

April sees Paul and Ged’s visit to Dadagaun coming to a close. No doubt there will be an emotional farewell. The lads have had an awesome time immersing themselves in the village lifestyle and school experience. They have given so much – time, patience, creativity in their teaching as well as the simple gift of [...]

School kids from across the world on a helping path

Date March 1, 2013

Once again Dadagaun village school has received generous support from an international school in Doha, Qatar. During their 2012 visit a group of 18 or so senior students painted the exterior of the Shree Bal Vikas Samaj EMLSS school buildings as the community service element of their Duke of Edinburgh award. Their school community also [...]

Paul and Ged

Date February 22, 2013

Paul (aka Cazza) Brisbane teacher, and Ged social worker, are midway through their 2-month stay in Dadagaun. They are volunteering at Dadagaun village school for this time teaching classes and trying to help the teachers implement new ideas and teaching methods in the classroom. Mixed success so far. The English teacher, Bhola loves having them [...]