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Date October 31, 2017

A spur of the moment decision on the way home to Australia from Europe found Kurt and I in Dadagaun for the beginning of the Dashain Festival. What a treat! We have long been concerned that the funds raised in Australia and Colorado for earthquake rebuilding, have been in the bank for too long and [...]


Date April 17, 2017

April 9th was the first day of the year 2074 in Nepal. Happy New Year to all our friends and colleagues! For Dadagaun let’s hope it is a year of peace and progress. Nearly two years after the devastating earthquake of 2015 there has recently been a great step forward by way of the government [...]


Date December 20, 2016

After a busy season of festivals and tourism during October/ November in Nepal, attention in Dadagaun has returned to rebuilding. Information is sketchy coming to me but here is the news as I understand it. Anyone with more accurate information is welcome to contribute. The connection between Dadagaun Village and Build Up Nepal has been [...]


Date December 20, 2016

MONEY HAS STARTED TO ARRIVE The first instalment of DVP’s funds for earthquake rebuilding have arrived in Nepal. Grants of NRP 50,000 from the international pool of support were paid to eleven households by early July and our funds should support another ten. With our current bank balance we will be able to make two [...]

May Happenings

Date May 16, 2016

There have been highs and lows in Dadagaun over recent weeks. A sombre mood was felt around the whole country on April 25th and May 12th, a year after the earthquakes that rocked Nepal to its foundations. Despondency has followed with the ongoing delays in distributing aide to facilitate rebuilding. To quote Dadagaun’s English teacher, [...]

The Ongoing Frustrations of Life in Nepal

Date March 12, 2016

This, when the weather is finally reasonable, the bricks are stacked and the workers are willing…..http://nepalitimes.com/article/nation/no-relief-for-earthquake-victims,2926    Send article as PDF   

On the Up

Date February 23, 2016

Good progress is being made in Dadagaun in recent weeks. Please see this site for a lovely video on the process of making the compressed earth blocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rljUc50vPec Three of the four block making machines are now being put to use in the village with several households making bricks and allowing them to cure for [...]

November news

Date December 2, 2015

Things are not good in Nepal. You may have heard news about political issues that have resulted in major civil unrest, violence, death, and blockades at the Indian border since September. The site of the blockades is the supply route for essential commodities such as petrol, gas, medical supplies, building materials. For excellent insights into [...]

October Update

Date December 2, 2015

OCTOBER UPDATE October saw several groups of volunteers visit Dadagaun. Sarah and her team from Bridge 2 (UK) did a wonderful job of rebuilding the Children’s Home/ Orphanage. Not only did they rebuild the sleeping and living rooms so badly damaged in the earthquake, they renovated the bathrooms with new plumbing, cleaned and replaced water [...]

Double the Money!

Date November 25, 2015

Thanks go to Tilly, Hayden and the Zande Law Team for raising money for Dadagaun Village Project’s Earthquake Rebuilding Fund in the North Lakes College Fun Run recently. The team came in second in a tough competition and raised $300 in sponsorship money. Topping it up Zande Law firm matched the amount so we were [...]