About Us



 Kurt and Christine met in 2007 and married in 2009.

 They both have adult children and altogether, six grandchildren. 

They live in Teneriffe, in the heart of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Kurt emigrated to Australia from Germany as a 22 year old and has worked hard for 40 years running his own manufacturing business - producing parts for electrical motors and attachments for forklifts. He has a solid background in engineering, production, marketing and management. His sons now run the companies while Kurt inches towards retirement. His engineering and project management skills were invaluable in September, 2011 when Dadagaun Village Project undertook a major makeover for the village school including the construction of a large-scale adventure playground. 

Christine (also known as Chrissy) is a speech pathologist with over 15 years experience working for Queensland Health and in private practice. More recently, she qualified as a teacher of English as a Second Language. Her interest in child development and education led her to volunteer work in Nepal where she established a strong bond with the Dadagaun school community.

Both have a love of adventure and the outdoors. Both think outside the square. Both love mucking about with kids, have great energy and hearts full of compassion. Both are committed to Dadagaun Village Project.


DADAGAUN VILLAGE PROJECT: dadagaun@hotmail.com

Kurt and Christine Marschner: +61 402 799 908