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Written on March 7, 2012 by Chrissy & Kurt



It was a great trip to Dadagaun in February! The school looks brilliant after its new coat of paint (many thanks to AKIS and Shivapuri Cottage), the new multifunction printer is hard at work (see Dhorje setting up in 3 photos below), the sewing machine arrived safely and English/Sewing lessons were productive and a lot of fun. For sewing scenes take a look at :-–oi6kwE&feat=directlink


As so often happens in Nepal a chance encounter led to the establishment of a terrific contact with NELTA (Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association). Our English teacher, Bhola, and I attended NELTA’S 17th International Conference and subscribed for lifelong memberships. The Conference was inspiring – full of valuable information and useful tips to make English teaching stress free and fun. We also signed the school up for institutional membership and are anticipating significant support with teacher training and the promotion of English in the classrooms.

Meetings with the teachers had very productive results:-

  • the development of a “buddy” support system for teachers. When a teacher is absent, instead of students being left to their own devices, the new “buddy” teacher will spend 2 or 3 minutes setting work for the class. Self-directed project work was also promoted. Some absenteeism is inevitable – not only is Nepalese culture very family oriented (especially in supporting the sick and elderly) but important family events, such as weddings, may take place according to the selection of an auspicious date, regardless if it is midweek or weekend.

  • We have employed two teacher aides from the village to give all the teachers a little time for planning and to help balance the current ratio of 8 class levels: 7 teachers. One aide is permanently attached to the KG room and the other is a “Floater” who will also do a complete clean of the school on Friday afternoons.


  • “Extracurricular” roles have been developed and accepted enthusiastically by the teachers. We now have a Building and Maintenance Supervisor, a Sanitation and Environment Supervisor (responsible for garbage management), a Sewing Supervisor, an English Language Supervisor, a First Aid and Hygiene Supervisor and a Music Supervisor. It will be interesting to see if this system is sustainable.


I also met with the School Management Board and have established a dedicated Dadagaun Village Project bank account (locally) and a better system for account keeping including quarterly contributions for consumables and special projects.

Oh! and now through very generous donations and support we have the means to investigate solar power and WiFi … the future is bright indeed!

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