A quote from Dhorje’s email, Sept 2010:

Hello Christine,
Thanks for asaking my openion and goal yes i have some openion and goal. Actually i have no time today also if you need i will make a proposal in detial and send to you. 

My goals.
1, To up great the school to higher class
2,  To help the orphanese who are living in my school building
3, To provide income generate programme to the villagers specially women

For the number 1,
You know that the lower secondary and secondary class all of the Children of village have to to budhanilkantha it is 5 Kilometer far from village and also taw way is jungle through the National park and army barrake which is not good for the girls.

For number 2,
to upgrate the class we need to increase the number of students for this the number of students of the village is not enough so we need from orphanese children you know i have  a school building near the jungle. We have permit them ti live there in a small amounf as a rent for the school this amount helps the school as a salary for the extra teacher. But these students are
also not in a good position. they need some help as stationaries, school uniform,etc. The orphanese have not provided al the school things needed yet.
For number 3,
i want to also help for the villagers specially for the women
i want to give them programms as,
1, Income generate programme as Candle making/Sewing and Knitting/jam and Juice. makink/pickle making/handycraft trainni9ng.
2, informal Education.
3, Computer education for all.
4, Distributing the fruits plant which product is  high price in the market.
 For all of this things we can do ourselves you and any of other throuhg you can also do all this things.


As described on Facebook:1. To increase skills and opportunities for the villagers in Dadagaun through education.

2. To improve access to education for the village families and children from the local orphanage.

3. To improve educational opportunities and outcomes by broadening the school curriculum and nurturing the abilities of individual children.

4. To empower and upskill the teachers at Dadagaun village school.

5. To help the local people develop sustainable income generating activities.

New classroom

6. To develop a broader knowledge of health, sanitation and conservation issues within the Dadagaun community.

To achieve these goals we need facilitators to assist the headmaster and provide training to the teachers in more modern, child-focused, creative education methods.  We want to help develop inquiring minds, a love of learning, an ability to problem solve and think independently. We envisage the facilitators will have a background in education or community development. They will provide on-site support to students, teachers and families in Dadagaun with the view to the development of skills, resources and self-sufficiency.

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