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Giving is recognized as a virtue in every major religion and in every civilized society, and it clearly benefits both the giver and the receiver. The one who receives is relieved from the pangs of want. The one who gives can take comfort from the joy their gift brings to others. Dalai Lama, 2010

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Updated Sept 2014….
You can be part of Dadagaun Village Project -

1. Make contact! All levels of interest are welcome.

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2. Volunteer…teachers especially welcome, however we can help suggest activities for all visitors able to spend some time at the school – music, English, sports, games, art ‘n craft, sewing, computer assistance, health services, building maintenance. Organising a group excursion into Kathmandu is easy, fun and eye-opening for visitors and students alike. See brochure below.

3. Make a donation towards teachers’ salaries and expenses. The school is understaffed and teachers work a full day, six days a week with no time for planning and lesson preparation. The school has been without a Science teacher for two years and it would be a dream come true to employ a music teacher. We currently provide salaries for two teachers and teacher’s aide at a cost of $AU 2,500 p.a.

4. Make a donation towards textbooks, exercise books, stationery or funds for the school’s membership with NELTA (Nepalese English Language Teachers’ Association) who provide inservices and support for the teachers. In total this costs us approximately $AU 1,500 p.a.

5. The school is very well resourced nowadays, thanks to the generosity of many international visitors. It is in fact a “model” school in it’s government education district. However, the hidden costs of maintenance and repairs, electricity and internet bills, replacement of equipment as it wears out (eg solar hardware and computer equipment) need to be included in the school’s ongoing budget. Many visitors like to see something concrete for their donation but supporting the school’s priorities is even more meaningful.

6. Support our new secondary scholarship scheme. From April 2013 we are sponsoring one boy and one girl from Year Seven for the next five years of their secondary education in neighbouring Budhanilkantha. This will cost $US 200 p.a for each student. This scheme is designed as an incentive for the children from Year Six and Seven to attend school and put their best foot forward. Selection is not based on academic merit but on improvement and personal qualities. Teachers will nominate students and selection will be made, in consultation with the Principal, by Dadagaun Village Project supporters who are contributors to the scheme. It would be wonderful to be able to expand this program in future years.

7. Organise a group of adventure travellers to come visit and take on a project. Engineering and building skills welcome. We can assist with ideas for accommodation and holiday planning.

8. Help us to fundraise and gather support.

9. Offer some other expertise or support.

We don’t encourage sponsorship of individual children. The children in the orphanage and indeed, from impoverished families in the village, all have needs. Many have heart-wrenching stories but not all can tell them. It is simply not fair to single individuals out and overlook others. We would rather contributions that can reach ALL the children. Hence the focus of Dadagaun Village Project is on education – which reaches every child in the village. Having said that we do provide medical care and special needs assistance for individuals.

Thanks to the guidance of one of our volunteers, an accounting system has been established at the school and the Principal keeps records and receipts. We have a dedicated bank account in Australia and two in Nepal. The secondary scholarship scheme has a separate high interest savings account in Australia.


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